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But only in 2014 was this substance finally identified, by archaeological chemist Dr Stephen Buckley of the University of York, as a blend of oils, fats and antibacterial pine resin.He discovered that “some of the ingredients were brought from the north-east Mediterranean.These were mainly the scribes and officials who administered the country for the king, even before Egypt emerged as the world’s first nation state in c3100 BC.German archaeologists excavating the tombs of Egypt’s earliest rulers at Abydos in the late 1980s discovered some 150 small labels of bone, ivory and wood carved with simple pictograms – ‘proto-hieroglyphs’ – describing everything from bolts of linen to jars of oil, together with their quantity and place of origin.His father was the so-called heretic pharaoh Akhenaten, while his mother may have been Kiya, one of Akhenaten’s minor wives, or possibly even Akhenaten’s chief wife and co-ruler Nefertiti.Tutankhaten took the throne at his father’s death in c1336 BC, changing his name to the more familiar Tutankhamun when the Aten cult was terminated and worship of the state god Amun reinstated.Its body was carefully buried in a seated position, oriented east toward the rising sun, with its head resting back on a sand bed to face skyward.The child, who lived during the late Pleistocene, approximately 60,000–55,000 years ago, was aged between 8 and 10 when it died, though the remains were so fragile and fragmentary that it was impossible to determine whether they were male or female.

They unexpectedly uncovered the shallow pit grave of a young child.

The deceptively simple-looking picture writing evolved over several millennia into a sophisticated system using thousands of signs.

First described as hieroglyphs (‘sacred carvings’) by the Greeks, they were largely used to create the ritual texts covering the walls of temples and tombs, while a form of hieroglyphic shorthand known as ‘hieratic’ was used by the literate elite.

It is estimated that 138 pyramids survive in Egypt, varying widely in layout, size, location and purpose. His bench-shaped ‘mastaba’ tomb was embellished to form a six-tiered, 60 metre-high step pyramid.

Snefru (c2613–c2589 BC), the greatest of all Egypt’s pyramid builders, moved 9 million tonnes of stone to build three successive pyramids as he refined his plans, and his son Khufu created the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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