Random dating roulette

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Random dating roulette

“I was really excited to see what’s new,” says Nicole, Project Manager for PTV Map & Market in Logistics.

“During our first lunch, we had the opportunity to get to know a little bit about each other, put a face to a name, and gain a bit of comfort.

Sofia Salek de Braun was part of the internal working group focussing on measures or activities that help connect employees from different units.

Everyone drinks a cup and the one person who doesn't get roofied gets to do whatever they what to the rest of the helpless, passed out participants.And I thought we should start right there,” explains the business analyst. They suggested that the company could install an application based on a random generator.Oliver Krug, a software engineer at PTV, was involved in the development.But we also talked about private things and politics,” Jochen adds, laughing.“Actually, talking politics is always fun.” The PTV-Roulette again randomly selected Jolanta Buhl and Nicole Henn as lunch mates. Jolanta likes the concept: “As part of my job in Corporate Finance, I work with colleagues from other – but of course not all – departments.

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