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Even in the pipelines of training for the various mental health professions, over half of supervisees in training are not receiving systematic preparation to be supervisors.

Individuals beginning to supervise require knowledge of the latest information and standards comprising best practices.

This course material is designed to equip supervisors to have a comprehensive understanding of clinical supervision, structure of practice, and the strengths of effective practice as well as the potential harm inflicted on supervisees by less than competent practice.

Supervision may well be the highest calling in psychology and other mental health professions.

The trainee is now evaluated against a standard rather than in comparison to others.

Through development of a schema of supervisor competency, increased attention may be devoted to competence evaluation, supervisee and supervisor development, and support of the supervisor’s skills, all of which will benefit the supervisees.

There is evidence that there are few differences in concepts, attitudes, or practice between psychologists and other mental health professionals (Kavanagh, Spence, Strong, Wilson, Sturk, & Crow, 2003).

Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.

The field of clinical supervision is growing exponentially, and new information may emerge that supersedes or supplements these course materials.

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That is, there is agreement on best practices of supervision across disciplines.

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