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Who is paige davis dating

Our story is like boy chases girl, girl chases boy and we went back and forth until, finally, six years later we got married. He directed and was in a play and he was having really strong feelings for one of the girls in it. It’s not about sacrifice, it’s about a positive choice.” And what I have found is you have to make that choice every single day.

He knew he was in love with me but he didn’t know why he was vascillating. There will always be someone where you’re like, “Hmm” but if you wanna build a life together and you want the benefits that come with that life, you have to make a choice. And when I forget to make the conscious thought is usually when we get distant. What was it about Patrick that made you want to spend your life with him?

He eventually saw me through my divorce which happened within a year. Paige: Literally together or just sleeping together? His mentor was like, “You know how long I’ve been married to Nancy and we’re so in love? You’ve been married fifty years.” He’s like, “Just so you know, I could’ve been happy with this other woman Anne or this other woman Laurine or whatever.

He was so torn and went to Washington to visit his mentor from college and was like, “I don’t know what to do”.

“And it's all done with such good intention.” Davis is enjoying sharing the stage with Manente, a Point Park University graduate who was last seen in CLO's “Altar Boyz.” “As Paco, he brings a lot of heart,” she says.

As the homeless population increases, the project has been gaining attention and getting more donations for support.

A small campaign when it started in 2001, it has grown into a bigger project.

But I was trying to “save my marriage” [to actor Greg Benson]. I was coming from Los Angeles at the time and he had no money so neither one of us had coats.

The first city [of the tour] was Minneapolis in the dead of winter.

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Paige: I started in the ensemble but moved on to play Babette, the French feather duster and he played Lumiere so we were a couple on stage and off.